15 janeiro 2016

O regresso de Ane Bun

Ane Brun - You Lit My Fire

This fight goes on
for the freedom
that we can´t give up
and never ever forget
no I will never ever forget
that we are all all all in
we are all all all in debt"

Acerca desta música Ane Brun diz: 
"I wanted to write an homage to those who fought for the rights that we as women are enjoying today. The early women´s rights activists sacrificed everything, their lives, their families and their status in society to fight for basic human rights for women. I feel that they are often neglected or underestimated when we praise our heroes and heroines through history."
Source: NPRMusic

Nota: partilhado por Carla |O|. Obrigada :)

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